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Endure or Embrace... Finding Hope in the Dark

Recently, I listened to Craig Groeschel speak and he talked about his new book, Hope in the Dark The book is about suffering and not understanding why God doesn’t do something. One of the things that Craig talked about was moving from a place of enduring our suffering to embracing it.

When we endure something, we just try to get through it. We may have feelings of dread, depression, anxiety, and hopelessness. I think about times, when I went to a theme park and waited in long lines. I felt I had to endure the long line, just so I could get to the main attraction. Afterwards, I often felt drained and worn out.

On the other hand, when I shift to a mindset of embracing the challenge that I am experiencing, I stop focusing on how long it will last. I start looking for what is happening in and around me. What am I supposed to see, what can I learn from this circumstance, how can I help others through this? I focus on being present and looking for opportunities to learn and grown. I start focusing on what I can control, and I accept the things that I cannot control.

Going back to the theme park line, if I just endure the line, I will feel miserable. I may gripe and complain and be disgruntled. But, if I embrace the long wait, I may look for opportunities. I could reach out and start a conversation with a stranger in line with me. Maybe I will learn something or make a new connection. I could look around and notice the beauty and uniqueness of others.

Embracing life and being present in the moment helps us enjoy life and make the most of it. There are always going to be struggles and problems, and if we just keep enduring life as it comes, then maybe we are really missing what life is all about.

I challenge you today to ask yourself, “Am I enduring life or embracing life?” If you are just enduring your current life, how can you shift to embracing it. And if you are embracing life, keep it up!

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