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Aaron Scharenberg, LCPC

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For many years, there has been a stigma for those with mental health issues especially within the church. There is a perception that a mental health issue is really a sin issue. They believe that if they pray hard enough or just have enough faith, they will feel better. Sometimes, the issues go much deeper, and it’s just not this simple.

I want to thank Craig Groeschel for tackling this issue with his sermon series “Mastermind.” In the talk, he commented that what we think is what we become. He challenged his listeners to take every thought captive and to replace the negative thoughts with the truth.

As a Professional Counselor, I have worked with clients for years, to help them change the negative messages that they tell themselves every day. The messages that we internalized as a child, tend to stick with us throughout our lives, unless we intentionally do something to correct them.

To learn more about Craig’s talk, check it out at

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